HolaCamp Accommodation

Yes dream of sleeping under the starsBut the idea of pitching a tent, lighting a campfire or running out of batteries at night isn't exactly your thing, you're not alone! At HolaCamp, we've transformed the camping experience into something easy, comfortable, and beautiful, so all you have to do is decide whether you're more of a glamping or bungalow person on this trip.
Our Hola Jaima for up to 4 people is designed for you to share special moments in a space where even the smallest detail has been thought and designed with you in mind.

If you think the more the merrier, then you're more HolaJaima XL! The extended version of HolaJaima offers space for up to 6 people, perfect for large families or groups of adventurous friends.

If you're more into unique getaways, you're more into HolaTent. Enjoy nature in peace and quiet: your HolaTent 2 offers you a private and cosy space where you can forget about the world.

HolaTent 1+1 has two comfortable single beds, you choose if you want to join them to create a double bed and share special moments under the stars.

Our cosy tent for up to 4 people has been designed for you to experience the authenticity of outdoor living, combined with an added touch of comfort that allows you to relax and enjoy.