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Welcome to HolaCamp, where tradition and innovation come together to redefine the future of camping in Spain. Join us today, and be part of the revolution that is transforming the camping sector in the country.

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Exclusive advantages of partnering with HolaCamp

Sectoral Experience

We were born from the heart of the industry, representing the next generation of a family tradition dedicated to the world of camping. Under the motto "The next generation camping company", we have set a mission to take camping to the next level. This vision is based on decades of accumulated experience, uniquely fusing tradition with innovation. We are aware of the challenges and opportunities, and we are here to guide and accompany you every step of the way.

Our glamping accommodation tour operation model has been tested over the last few seasons and we can say with full knowledge of the facts that it is 100% profitable. We offer you a revenue shared formula that allows you to develop your camping business with new accommodation and without the need for financing.

From advice in areas of high added value such as revenue management, quality and e-reputation, to comprehensive business management. At HolaCamp we offer a full range of services, tailored to your needs, to maximise the potential of your campsite.

At HolaCamp, we are constantly growing. We also acquire and operate campsites of our own. If you are considering selling, we guarantee a total commitment to respect the history and legacy of your campsite, ensuring that we take it to the next level.

6 reasons to be part of the HolaCamp family

New customers

We recruit travellers with a philosophy similar to HolaCamp's.

Increased visibility

We allocate resources in communication that favour the camp site


We manage to optimise your campsite's income through effective strategies.


We take care of the assembly of all accommodation, ready for renting

Ancillary benefits

We generate higher consumption in restaurants and supermarkets.


We take care of the generation of bookings and their management.

Part of the Revolution

It's time to redefine the future of camping. Join HolaCamp and be part of the revolution that is transforming the camping sector in Spain. Not only do we offer you exceptional services, but we also share with you our knowledge and passion for the industry, ensuring that your campsite reaches new heights.

Building Together the Future of Camping in Spain

Don't miss the opportunity to pioneer the transformation of camping in Spain. Join HolaCamp today, and get ready to take your campsite to new horizons. Together, let's build the future of the sector.
We look forward to seeing you at HolaCamp, where tradition and innovation meet to create the next chapter in the world of camping!

Join the revolution with HolaCamp